Volume 38 Issue 5
Oct.  2018
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Jianzhan LONG, Yong DU, Bizhi LU, Weibing ZHANG, Tao XU, Zhongjian ZHANG, Maozhong YI. Research Progress in Cemented Carbide with Co-Ni-Al Composite Binder Phase[J]. Journal of Aeronautical Materials, 2018, 38(5): 47-58. doi: 10.11868/j.issn.1005-5053.2018.000022
Citation: Jianzhan LONG, Yong DU, Bizhi LU, Weibing ZHANG, Tao XU, Zhongjian ZHANG, Maozhong YI. Research Progress in Cemented Carbide with Co-Ni-Al Composite Binder Phase[J]. Journal of Aeronautical Materials, 2018, 38(5): 47-58. 10.11868/j.issn.1005-5053.2018.000022

Research Progress in Cemented Carbide with Co-Ni-Al Composite Binder Phase

doi: 10.11868/j.issn.1005-5053.2018.000022
  • Received Date: 2018-03-08
  • Rev Recd Date: 2018-07-11
  • Available Online: 2018-06-19
  • Publish Date: 2018-06-01
  • The application background of Co-Ni-Al composite binder phase in cemented carbide was introduced. The latest research results of Co-based superalloy and the properties of cemented carbide with binder strengthened by ordered phase were briefly described. The application of integrated computational material engineering in the research and development of Co-Ni-Al composite binder was introduced. The progress in the preparation, microstructure characterization and performance of WC-Co-Ni-Al cemented carbides were summarized. The results show that the composition of Co-Ni-Al composite binder has obvious influence on the solid-liquid interface energy and the liquid-phase nucleation driving force of the alloy. Accordingly, the grain size of the binder phase and the grain morphology of WC are affected. Ultimately these factors affect the performance of the alloy. It is pointed out that the performance of cemented carbide strengthened by ordered γ′ phase precipitation can be improved significantly. It is expected to obtain high-performance cemented carbide materials with excellent high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. It is proposed that the interfacial microstructure, the relationship between C content and precipitation phase and the anti-wear mechanism of cemented carbide with Co-Ni-Al composite binder phase should be emphasized in future.


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